Malted Barley Moonshine Recipe

American Moonshiners typically used corn to make their moonshine. This was largely due to the fact that corn was the most common and cheapest grain to use. Scotch and Irish Whiskeys tend to use barley. Your local home brew shop can be a great recourse for buying grain. Depending on your location you should be able to buy a 50 pound sack of malted barley for a relatively good price. The more you buy in bulk the less you will have to spend per pound. You may also find other grains that you will want to experiment with.

Use 1 and a half pounds of malted Barley for every gallon that your fermenter will hold.
Used 1/3 pound of Cain sugar for every gallon.
Add gypum depending on size of fermentation. Your local brew supply shop should have some.
After your mash has cooled down to 70 degrees you can pitch you Prestige distillers yeast.

Remember that the bigger you fermenter the more yeast you will need to use. The reason for this is that your yeast will be competing with bacteria and wild yeast that may make it into your Mash. Remember to keep your mash covered. You can save some of your mash since it will have live yeast in it and apply it to a new batch. This is a great way to save money on yeast. However, you only want to do this one or twice at the most. This is due to that fact that your yeast will evolve and change. Along with the yeast there will also be bacteria and wild yeast in the mash that you reuse. So don’t recycle it more than twice.

Just to state the obvious, you will want to apply a liter or so of used Mash to a fresh new match. You are recycling the yeast, not the nutrients.

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